Shanice Reed – Identity

Open Letter For the Ladies
Being a lady myself, I write this from a place of experience, conviction and love. 
We are a generation who suffers from a case of mistaken identity.
 If you dont know who you are, the enemy is going to come in and try and make you identify with this world .. and this is what I find many of us young ladies doing, trying so hard to fit in when God has set us apart,( 1 Peter 2:9 , Deuteronomy 14:2) ,to stand out, and many times it begins where most of our life happens – SOCIAL MEDIA
Social media plants seeds in our hearts and makes us feel less of ourselves , we need to guard our hearts against it. 
Many times we want to know what God and who has called us to be, but we don’t have the discipline to sit at His feet, and instead we look for affirmation from others. 

We need to stop being distracted and start being disciplined. A godly woman is disciplined. 

We need to be disciplined with our walk with God. Not trying to keep up with the Kardashians but trying to keep up with God, because our value is found in Him, but we’ve got it all mixed up, today you only feel valuable when the likes on your selfie hits 100+.

If we are disciplined in our walk with God we are free from opinions and we find our identity in Him. You can’t be bullied by this world if you find yourself in God. 
But where do we find ourselves? On Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Half naked? Extra cleavage? Too much skin? Popping your butt out? Because oh you know, guys like that, we feed off their compliments – why? 

What are our motives for doing stuff? For attention? Sometimes we’re feeding off the wrong attention. A godly young lady does not want attention because she understands that her body is a temple. 

You attract whatever is inside of you. What are you attracting? Now we sit with broken hearts because we simply don’t understand who we are as women. This is not me shaming you, this is me empowering you. 

Submit to God. 

We need to be disciplined in submission to God, and many of us don’t like the word submission because we often think of marriage, but we need to understand that submission is the order of authority – if we can’t even submit to God we need to stop praying for our husbands to be sent to us, chances are if you arent submitted to God,  the guy you’re with isn’t from Him either. Check yourself. 
But I’m about to conclude.

Ladies, we need to understand that we have a purpose and should waste no time on worldy entertainment. We’re born for a time like this, a specific time, for a generation such as this. Be a trend setter, not a follower of trends. 

Let our scent be the essence of a godly woman. 
Regards (and gallons of love), 



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