Most people today consider man as being made up of two parts, basically soul and body. The soul is the invisible part or the psychological part within man, and the body is the visible or the outward part of man. This can be true to a certain extent only.

Keep in mind that nothing is reliable to us outside of God’s revelation. It is true that the soul is the invisible part and the body the outward part, but what about the spirit? Because truth is that the Bible never mixes the spirit with the soul or it never considers the two parts to be the same thing. The soul and the spirit is two completely different substances. The Word of God has not divided man into two parts only, the soul and the body. Rather it has divided man into three parts: the spirit, the soul and the body.
– 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says, “The God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete”. As we can see this verse divides man into three, spirit, soul and body. This verse is easy to be interpreted, the apostle basically mentions that the believer is sanctified “wholly”. This means spirit, soul and body, all three parts making up man is to be preserved complete. This is very clear, a complete person has a spirit, a soul and a body. Therefore there is a distinction between the spirit and the soul.

There is obviously a great significance in this, and that is the reason for this article and the others that are to follow. This has alot to do with the spiritual life of believers. We need to understand the boundary of our spirits so we can understand our spiritual life. If we do not understand our spiritual life how can we cultivate our spiritual life and grow spiritually. We as believers are ignorant and negligent to such distinctions that is why we often struggle with our spiritual life. We often take something soulish as spiritual, so we constantly remain in a soulish lifestyle not seeking after spiritual things. Spiritual knowledge has everything to do with the spiritual life, but are we humble enough to receive the teaching of The Holy Spirit. If we are, the Holy Spirit will, in our experience separate our soul from our spirit, though we may not have the knowledge about this truth. It is good if we have both knowledge and experience, as some believers have the knowledge but lack the experience, while others have the experience but lack the knowledge. So it is important to equip ourselves in these areas so that we can seek after spiritual things.

[Hebrew 4:12]
[Watchman Lee – The Spiritual Man]

This is only the introduction to this topic, subscribe as i continue to unfold this topic.

Stay blessed.


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